Paul (praline) wrote in fantasyhockey,

GMH Fantasy Hockey Sim League

The GMH Sim league is looking for dedicated people to become General Managers of a team in their league. This fantasy hockey league emulates the NHL, with 30 teams, full rosters as well as prospects. The league is in its second year of existence, and is planned to run indefinitely. The entry draft for our league is set to begin in two weeks, and we have a couple teams in the league that need replacement GM's.

If you are interested, check out our message board at:
to see our rules, awards, current happenings, and fill out an application. The website with all of last year's stats, rosters, and game results is

If you're looking for fantasy hockey that isn't based on just real life stats and fantasy hockey that doesn't end when the NHL goes to the playoffs, the GMH may be what you're looking for. Hope to see there!
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