Jagbagger (fantasyfooty) wrote in fantasyhockey,

Trade proposed

One of my opponents is offering me Doug Weight (C-StL) for Pavel Datsyuk (C-Det). It doesn't look like a good deal for me and I have no idea what this other person is thinking. I wouldn't think a trade offer of players in the same position would usually make much sense. I'd expect someone with a surplus of great players in one position might offer one for a good player where they have a weakness or something like that, but maybe he thinks I want more penalty minutes and am willing to trade a few goals and assists for them. That could make sense because I've lost the point for most penalty minutes the last couple of weeks, and I just picked up Scott Hartnell (LW-Nash and hitman), which could imply that I'm trying to remedy this. Or maybe this dude is a trade (or crack) addict and offers wacky trades to everyone.

I'm currently second in the league with a 39-27-14 record. It's a public league so there's really no reason to post my roster here - you can see it if you're interested.
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