Jagbagger (fantasyfooty) wrote in fantasyhockey,


I've got both DiPietro and Boucher tonight in the NYI @ Phoenix game. I'm picking DiPietro. I can play two goalies, so I'm preferring Vokoun at home against Washington rather than Boucher. The Preds are usually pretty good at home, so Washington should be easy meat.

I've also got a pending transaction of Tomas Vokoun for Roman Cechmanek (G-LA). Again, both are playing tonight so I'll see if I still think this is a good idea after the games.

If you're willing to give advice, check out my team. I'm not sure about this goalie swap. It's just my luck that it will go through and Vokoun will immediately come out of his slump. Maybe Boucher is more expendable, but he could come out of his slump, too.
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